Welcome to my Farm!

G'day!  This is Adam MacLean, welcoming you to my new farm!

It's been a while since we've been in contact.  Apologies for the delay - it's been a busy, exciting and challenging year.  When we last communicated, I was learning about your meat preferences through the Good Meat Survey.  Well, since that time, I finished my farm job in Nova Scotia , moved back to PEI, and started a farm!  The information you shared with me help guide me on this path.


So... I'm a shepherd now!

Yep, a shepherd!  I so enjoy working with animals on pasture, but it took quite a bit of deliberation to decide which animals would be the stars of my farm.  Working at Holdanca Farms provided me with experience managing chickens, turkeys, pigs, sheep and cows, but I thought it best to focus on one type of animal to start.  For a whole range of reasons, I decided to start with sheep.  In December 2017, I returned to PEI, landed on a friend's farm, wrote a business plan, and started searching for some hardy baaaaadass sheep.  I found my sheep on Amherst Island, Lake Ontario at Foot Flats Farm.   I went "all in" and bought 102 sheep (most of them pregnant females).  It's been a thrilling journey ever since.  I look forward to sharing that journey with you all.


This year, I've been really focused on shepherding - doing everything possible to provide these sheep with the care and attention they need to be healthy, stress-free and productive.  Other aspects of starting a new farm business have definitely taken a back seat.  Marketing for example!

I finally got around to launching a website.  I invite you to visit www.happylambpei.com and learn more about my first year of shepherding.  On this website, I describe how I manage my flock, and how you can buy lamb.  I would love your honest feedback.  I want to add a section of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), so help me out and ask me some questions!  What do you want to know about my farm, shepherding, sheep, lamb, buying lamb, cooking lamb - anything you can think of.  Ask away, and I'll start answering your questions.