Buying Lamb

So, you're interested in buying some lamb?  Great!  Buying lamb direct is a great way to support me and my new farm venture.  It also ensures that you get a premium product at the best possible price ($8/lb).  Buying lamb direct also ensures that you know exactly how the animal was raised, and that you can feel great about the high standards for animal welfare that I embrace.  If you're ready to buy, click the "BUY LAMB" button.  If you want to know more, keep on reading!

The Process

Have you ever purchased a whole or half animal before?  If so, you know the process.  If not, it can seem a bit intimidating.  Don't worry, we'll get through this together!  Your patience will be rewarded!

Here's the process.  You contact me, and tell me you want to buy a lamb.  Great!  Thanks so much!  I'll send you a "cut sheet" that lets you decide how you want your lamb made into cuts.  I'll take the live lamb to MacPhee Meats (a short drive from the farm), where the lamb will then be butchered according to your specifications.  I'll inspect the product and vacuum seal the cuts for maximum freshness.  If you prefer, you can package your own meat for a discount, but I definitely recommend vacuum sealing.  Once everything is ready, I'll deliver the lamb to a mutually convenient pickup point (depending on location, extra delivery charges may apply).

I'm happy to work with you to address any questions or special requests.  


I'm charging $8/lb "hanging weight" for whole or half lamb.  This price includes the lamb, and all processing, packaging and delivery charges.  Hanging weight is the weight of the meat at the butcher shop.  Depending on how you want your lamb prepared, the "dressed weight" (weight of cuts in your boxed lamb) might be a bit less than the hanging weight.  This would happen if you wanted all boneless cuts, for example.  My recommendation?  Take the bones and the organs too!   They're filled with nutrition (and you're paying for them regardless)!

Most of my finished lambs weigh 90-110lbs, which means that hanging weight will be between 45-55lbs.  So, a whole lamb will cost you approximately $360-440, depending on the final weight.  Lighter lamb is available upon request.